TiffanyThinks - One of the most inspiring YouTubers! - Plane Beauty (2024)

TiffanyThinks is one of the most inspiring YouTubers! She is currently documenting her cancer journey and is a constant inspiration. Read on to find out all about Tiffany and why she is an inspiring woman!


Who is TiffanyThinks?

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TiffanyThinks is a YouTuber who first uploaded in 2013. She lives in England, near London, and studied Optometry at University. From makeup to mukbangs, her videos have covered a broad range of topics over the years, but most recently, she has started documenting her cancer journey.

Why TiffanyThinks is a strong woman:

I feel inspired to write about Tiffany for the first-ever ‘Strong Woman‘ blog post because, over the past months, her positivity and courage has been infectious. I first discovered Tiffany’s videos 6 years ago, when I was 14 (ish). It was her video showing her university accommodation that I watched first. In addition to this, I then discovered her amazing makeup tutorials. I felt so grown up and like I was witnessing a whole new world! I subscribed instantly! However, as time went on, YouTubes algorithm stopped her videos showing up on my page, and I didn’t know about the ‘bell button’ to receive notifications at the time.

By fate, last month, a video popped up on my recommended page. I instantly recognised who it was! Nostalgia filled memories flooded my mind, and I was happy to have ‘re-found’ her channel. Then my eyes drifted down to the title…it was titled ‘Cancer.’. I clicked on it, and a feeling of dread overcame me. In the video, Tiffany explained how she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma cancer and that she was going to film her journey. In that video alone, she is so determined, and her optimism shines through. If I had to judge someone’s personality by one 9-minute YouTube video, I wouldn’t be able to. However, with Tiffany, you can. Instantly it’s visible how much of a strong, thoughtful, genuinely good-hearted person she is – only minutes in.

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Over October and November, she has been uploading more videos about her journey. She has been through a lot in such a short amount of time, such as a misdiagnosis to egg freezing and starting Chemo. Yet, one thing that has been a constant presence is her indestructible perseverance. Nothing is stopping her. I am in awe.

In one of her most recent videos, there was a little segment where she talked about how her diagnosis has changed her perspective on life, which reconciled something in me. Tiffany talks about how certain things don’t matter to her anymore, like exams and certain people liking her, how she wants to travel more when all this is over, and how she wants to live her life to the fullest. I was so inspired. Personally, I feel like we all feel a bit demotivated sometimes, especially with everything that is going on with the world at the moment, but her just reiterating these things really hit me. I can’t find the words to explain it, but I feel like it was a reality check in a way. She’s so positive, even with all she’s been through, and here I am, sometimes feeling down for minor reasons – when she has so much more on her plate! She states how lucky and content she is now, whilst before, she had never felt that way properly until faced with this challenge. I really admire her.

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When watching her videos, you feel a plethora of emotions, but the emotion you feel the most is happiness (most of the time – goes without saying that when she is struggling, you feel for her deeply). I know I’ve said it previously, but I’m going to say it again – her happiness is infectious. I find myself smiling at my screen, watching her and listening to her talk. I’m always happy when she uploads, and I can’t wait for the day she uploads the video title ‘I’ve Beaten Cancer!’. Many others and I will be so glad to see that video, and can’t wait to see what she has planned after. But for now, Tiff, you’ve got this!!! We believe in you! It will be a very hard journey, that no one deserves to go through, but it will be worth the fight.

How you can support Tiffany:

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Tiffany deserves all the love in the world, and hopefully, she knows that she’s not facing this journey alone, and her YouTube/Insta Family are with her every step of the way. If you would like to help support Tiffany, then leaving her a nice comment, some likes on her social media, or helping someone else out in her comment section that is asking for advice is a great way to help support her on this journey.

Tiffany has also released some ‘We Got This’ merch if you would like to purchase it – there’s no obligation, of course! She always says, “We got this.” when it comes to challenges in her life, and I really believe she can accomplish anything. Click here to order the We Got This merch – it looks great and comes in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes. I believe that Tiffany receives some income from the sales made on her merch – so it’s a great way to support her whilst she isn’t able to work.

How old is TiffanyThinks?

How old is TiffanyThinks? Currently (in 2022), Tiffany is 30 years old. Her birthday is the 15th of August.

When was Tiffany diagnosed with cancer?

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TiffanyThinks was diagnosed with cancer in September 2021. She has just finished undergoing chemotherapy (August 2022) and is now waiting on a date for surgery – hopefully, the date will come soon.

Does TiffanyThinks have a boyfriend?

Does TiffanyThinks have a boyfriend? Yes, Tiffany has a very caring boyfriend called Matt – and he’s been great in supporting her on her journey. If your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, this page has some good information that may help you a bit.

TiffanyThinks Social Media:

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Tiffany is on all of the major social media sites, so give her a follow – her social media post are one of the best ways to get updates on her. Below are her social media links:

How to help support the fight against cancer:

Unfortunately, the statistics show that 1-in-2 people will have to battle cancer in their lifetime. It isn’t a secret that having cancer drastically changes your life, and support should be available for people diagnosed with it in order to help find a cure. Here are some donation/support and information pages for cancer:

How did you find out about Tiffany? Do you have any kind words you’d like to tell her? If this post was inspiring to you, feel free to check out my other posts:

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TiffanyThinks - One of the most inspiring YouTubers! - Plane Beauty (2024)


What job does Tiffanythinks do? ›

Started the year recovering from pelvic exenteration surgery, unable to do much at all. We then decided to go on as many trips away as possible. I went back to work as an optometrist and joined the volunteer team in royal marsden. I genuinely thought that's it now, I start my life again.

What is the rarest cancer in the world? ›

Rare cancer chart
Types of rare cancerNumber of people affected every year
Ewing's sarcoma3 per 1 million people
Thymic carcinoma400 cases per year
Wilms' tumor1 in 10,000 children each year (about 500 to 650 in the United States)
Merkel cell carcinomaAbout 2000 cases in the United States each year
6 more rows

What is the most dreadful cancer? ›

Because pancreatic cancer progresses rapidly, and no method of early detection is currently available, it's one of the most dangerous types of cancer.

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